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Modern Staircase Renovation

Modern staircase Renovation   catalanprosvcs

If you're looking to enhance the elegance of your Modern Staircase #Renovation , the Box Newel 4075 is the perfect choice

Features of the Box Newel 4075

Modern staircase Renovation

  • Size: The Box Newel 4075 measures 3-1/2" x 55" with a Square Cap, making it suitable for various staircase applications.

  • Construction: Made from 3/4" thick solid wood and hollow on the inside, the Box Newel 4075 is durable and fits most stairway applications due to its smaller size.

  • Design Compatibility: The Box Newel 4075 looks great in combination with larger box newels like the 4091 and large handrails such as the 6519 handrail profile, allowing you to create a cohesive and stylish staircase design.

Modern staircase Renovation  catalanprosvcs

  • Installation and Accessories

  • Easy Installation: The Box Newel 4075 is easy to install and fits most stairway applications.

  • Additional Stair Parts: In addition to the Box #Newel 4075, we offer other stair parts you need for installing it in your staircase. The 3019 L-Bracket Fastener is recommended for installation.Modern staircase Renovation

  • Expert Assistance: If you need assistance with installation or have any questions, our friendly stair specialists are available to help.

The Box Newel 4075 is a versatile and stylish choice for your staircase renovation project. Its classic design, variety of wood species, and compatibility with other stair parts make it a perfect addition to any #staircase. Upgrade your staircase with the Box Newel 4075 and transform your home's interior into a stylish and elegant space and Modern staircase Renovation


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